How To Buy And Sell Online Safely on Tha Classifieds

Who reads the classifieds anymore? Well, you’d be surprised. The classified ads section of the newspaper hasn’t gone away – in fact, it’s thriving
Now, though, it’s become digitized. Now, you can go on the internet to post items that you want to sell, and maybe even find a sweet new gem to buy for yourself at the same time. Tha Classifieds is the new and improved way for buying and selling online. It’s like a nationwide version of what’s in your local newspaper. So no matter where you live in the United States, you can post an advertisement, as well as see what the neighbors in your area are advertising for.

Tips For Buying And Selling Online On Tha Classifieds

Below are 3 quick, handy tips for how to make the most of your advertising experience on Tha Classifieds.
Tip #1: Take Lots Of Pictures Of Your Item When you’re posting an item on Tha Classifieds, it’s important to upload lots of pictures of it. Snap a photo of it from every angle, and make sure to include any nicks, scratches, dents, or other defects. These will help potential buyers feel confident that the item they’re looking at is real. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s also a surefire way to increase a potential buyer’s trust in you.
Tip #2: Include Plenty Of Details One way to entice someone to buy an item you’ve posted online is to include as many details as possible about the item. As you create your ad on Tha Classifieds, be sure to mention the brand name, the color, the dimensions, the material, and the weight, if applicable. If it’s an electronic device, type up a list of specifications such as the make and model, the year it was released, the amount of storage space on it, and whether or not it comes with a battery and charging cables. The more detailed you are, the more easily – and quickly- a buyer will decide that they want to answer your advertisement.
Tip #3: Don’t Give Out Too Much Personal Information The one thing you must remember about classifieds, on our website and everywhere else, is that they are open for all to see. Anyone in the public can view them. So be careful what information about yourself that you share in your ad.
We have an entire page on our website dedicated to staying safe when you’re communicating with or meeting a potential buyer. But some of the most important tips regarding the safety of your personal information are:
1. If you use an email account to communicate with them, don’t use a personal or work account. Instead, create a new one that doesn’t have any identifying information about yourself in it, like your name.

2. If you use your phone to talk to a potential buyer, disable caller ID by dialing *67 before you place the call. Then, when you’re finished with the transaction, block the buyer number. These safety rules apply in reverse, if you are the buyer and you’re dealing with a seller. Don’t give out any personal information that they could steal or use to stalk you in the future. Are you ready to sell your items safely on Tha Classifieds? Purchase one of our affordable advertisement packages today, or start for free with unlimited regular ads.