Home Doctor – BRAND NEW! Book (printed)
  • 02/10/2024 10:06 AM
  • California City, California, United States

It’s a unique guide for the layman that you can use to manage common health ailments at home when seeing a doctor or going to a hospital is off the table. The book is written by Dr. Maybell Nieves, a front-line doctor from Venezuela who has saved hundreds of people through one of the worst crises in modern history. The ingenious methods she developed are found in this book and can be self-applied at home. That makes them extremely valuable if the medical system cannot be depended on, like during long-term blackouts for example.

This unique book was written by doctors to help people take care of their health ailments at home when the medical system cannot be depended on anymore. It will prove vital in the next crisis, and you should check it out while it’s still available.

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