LESS THAN $5500/AC Red River, Acres 1640+/- ARKANSAS
  • 10/25/2023 6:54 AM
  • Arkansas

DEVELOPERS- BUILD A CITY, No Zoning Laws can build 5,000 – 6,000+ Single Family Homes, Multi-Family, Hotel Casino on Red River, Green Communities, Solar Farm (electrical substation close by), (Green or Solar receive $5.00/Sq FT Tax Credits) electric and water on the Beautiful RED RIVER in the infamous Red River Valley. Develop part of it and keep the other half as a beautiful Working Cattle Ranch, Farm (best soli), and Pecan Orchard to earn ancillary income….the buyer is only limited by their imagination. 

Note: Approximately 71,438,400 SQ FT more or less. If Going Green is your passion then take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act 179D Tax Credits earn $5.00 TAX Credit/SQ FOOT for 2023, through §179D of the tax code, for greening barns, shops, build 4 houses per acre, build a green community etc…see Highlights below.

Own a slice of history from the great expedition days of Louis and Clark with rulers such as Napoleon Bonaparte and our third USA President Thomas Jefferson who commissioned the Red River Expedition in 1806 naming infamous piece of land known as the “Spanish Bluff”. In the Red River Vally, Little River County, Arkansas.

The Red River Valley FARM, CATTLE RANCH, PECAN ORCHARD is a one of its kind piece of land, acres 1640 +/-(more or less), all rolled into the perfect TRIFECTA.  Set your sights on a once in a life time opportunity to own a well-maintained CATTLE RANCH, WORKING FARM, NUT FARM and hunting haven. No Zoning Laws can build Single Family Homes, Multi-Family, Hotel Casino on Red River, Solar Farm, Green Communities, (Green or Solar receive $5.00/Sq FT Tax Credits) and/or keep as a working ranch with the Best Soil around.

Ride your horse and or drive your favorite truck across the vast acres of lush green pastures while taking in the picturesque views from the banks of Red River 2 +/- (more or less) miles of River Frontage with rich red sand. Watch your fields spring forth plentiful wheat and hay fields to cultivate for sale and or use to feed your healthy and hardy cattle herd. The cattle have the advantage of being born on sturdy land and get up quick to stand and grow big and strong….the proof is seeing our handpicked heard over generations.

Drive your favorite tractor across the fields and watch your soybeans, corn and cotton grow with pride, guaranteed to bring a small to your face while driving along these vast fields. The pride and joy one feels when watching their crops grow are priceless.

Pick up your mate and roll in the hay fields and or take a ride down to the Red River Beach and dip your toe in the water, take a swim and fish until your heart desires. No need to worry about playing your music too loud, letting your fire pit roar “big” after all you are on your on smaller version of what I like to gleefully call a “Slice of Yellowstone” and or “the Ponderosa” for all the TV buffs out there. Seriously, put that umbrella out on the beach for the perfect picnic and a bit of romance and let the kids play in the water…teach that son or daughter how to fish. Get comfortable and stay for the gorgeous sunsets and finish up the night by star gazing under the millions of brightly lit stars.

The Trifecta is currently active in hay and wheat production and was previously active in the row crop production of cotton, soybeans and milo.  There is a potential for no-till farming, big game, water-fowl, hunting club, vineyard with unlimited development opportunities because there are no zoning laws in this area. Family owned and operated over five generations and previously owned the only Cotton Gin Little River County many years ago. Wheat, Corn, soybeans, hybrid cotton and rice are some of the commodities being grown by local farmers.

This Perfect Trifecta has the best river bottom soil to farm with beautiful sturdy green pastures to raise Cattle, Horses and or any livestock while harvesting Native Pecans within the Pecan Orchard. This asset comes with a Pecan Cleaning processing plant, so you have the added convince of cleaning and bagging your on pecans for market. This Pecan Cleaner used to clean most of the pecans in the county.

*Perfect for Developers, NO Zoning Laws, Build Single Family & Multifamily Condos, Hotel & Casino, Go Green with a partial or full Green Community, Green Farming & SOLAR FARMING together to take advantage of Section 179D of the Federal Tax Code Offers a Tax Deduction for Installing Energy Efficiencies in Real Property, EARN $5.00/SQ FT Tax Credits. Note 1 Acre = 43,560 Sq FT

*PRIME FERTILE FARM LAND- With Majority of Soil being Severn silt loam.

*Native Pecan Orchard: Pecan Trees 1700+/- (more or less) with Pecans Trees 200 +/- (more or less) within Tree Lease.  Ask me about the valuation.

*Water: Hootie Hole (Small Lake), River Lake (ingress & egress from Red River) along with a four-acre duck hole on the ranch with abundant wildlife, Deer, Hogs, Duck, Quail, Geese for hunting and fishing.

*Private Lake – with ingress & egress into Red River.

*Irrigation: One Well servicing approximately ten water troughs for our cattle and cattle can drink from the Red River too.

This asset has the add advantage to Irrigate from Red River and/or a new owner may drill more wells if needed.

*Fertilized Yearly – Including 2022 & 2023

* 2022 GOVERNMENT SUBS: $100,000 +/- (more or Less) – Please ask.

* Mineral & Water Rights to be determined (TBD).

*Cattle: Hand Picked & Equipment Sold Separately- Price Available Upon Request.

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