• January 26, 2022 12:55 am
  • Augusta, Georgia
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New 8.5×24 V-Nose Trailer (True 24′ Box Plus V-Nose)

Your choice of Black or White

Always make sure that the other trailers listed have the following features when comparing

Blacked-out Stealth Option Includes:

Black powder coated trim on entire trailer

Black stone guard and V-Nose

Black powder coated ATP fenders

5200 lb.Torsion axles compared to 3500 lb. leaf spring axles

Spread axles

Semi-screwless metal compared to screws on every wall stud

Black Spider Mag aluminum rims compared to painted steel wheels

Tube main frame

Radial tires compared to Bias ply tires

Tube main frame

Radial tires compared to Bias ply tires

1″ x 1 1/2″ tubing wall and ceilings compared to 1″ x 1″ tubing or even hat post

LED lights on entire exterior compared to incandescent lights or just LED tail lights

Thermo-ply insulated roof panels compared to a luan strip down the center of the roof

3/4″ top grade plywood floor compared to the lower grade with knots

3/8″ top grade plywood walls with plywood trim compared to lower grade with knots trimmed in luan

16″ on center floors and walls compared to 24″ on center floors and walls

Black ATP metal on all 4 corners compared to no trim on corners

36″ RV style door with a flush door handle with dead bolt compared to a bar lock with no handle

ATP interior step at the side door compared to no step

24″ ATP stone guard compared to a 12″ stone guard

Roof vent

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